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GamesVoice — is a small but dedicated team working on localization of videogames on Russian language.

We strive to take on projects that are interesting from the point of view of implementation and are simply in demand, voiceover to order, and are open to cooperation with other creative associations.


We have access to large variety of voice actors of different types. We will choose the most suitable voices for the characters and process the sound.



We provide translations of the texts of any complexity. We will also consider your preferences and keep the original style. English.


We will take an original texture and adapt it to Russian. We will translate the text, choose font and redraw this texture.

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We do not have a principle of work when one person does specifically one thing. We do not label the conditional “manager” or “sound engineer” for our people. If you know how to translate text and mix sound, then this is wonderful.

We value versatility.

On the page of any of our project, you can read what exactly a certain person was doing.

The following are the names of people who are currently actively working on projects,

and those who once contributed to the development of the studio.

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                                     We started our career on May 5, 2012, when several enthusiasts decided to realize their old dream and create a studio for voice acting games. The plans were far-reaching, and purposefulness was not for us to occupy, but in the absence of experience we had to start small. The pen breakdown was the voice acting of Defenders of Ardania - its small volumes, as well as its ease of parsing, served as a catalyst for the first success: we invited actors from other teams, expanded the team in the process, got acquainted with talented people, and learned from our mistakes and those of others.

                                     The start was pleasant, and over time, we have formed a permanent composition of participants and a list of actors ready to work for the idea and for the sake of self-development. We didn’t have programmers and translators then, and at first we turned to specialists from the ZoneofGames forum for help, took ready-made translations of other guys as a basis. By the end of the year, two more voiceovers were added to the studio's portfolio - Mad Riders and Panzer Corps.

                                     In 2013, GamesVoice took on the first "big" project, dubbing the game The Walking Dead. Someone will now say that it was a mistake, because we only had the strength to voice the first episode of five, but it was at this stage that the team was replenished by an experienced programmer, and we learned to overcome the most typical problems for any voice acting studio. Along the way, we announced two more games - Black Mesa and Dear Esther.

                                     The next two years we will remember the work on The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. This is another relatively small project, but it was already completed at a higher quality level than our previous work. Around the same time, we began to work with the Tapochek.Net website, which helps us with the software part of other projects. Also, our team was joined by a person who took up the dubbing of the notorious Borderlands 2. So the first truly stellar project appeared in our asset.

                                     A significant event took place in May 2015, when a group of fans of Piranha Bytes games raised funds through crowdfunding for the voice acting of Risen 3, and for the first time we received funding. This project became for us a real test of strength: on the one hand, there was a certain scope, the ability to invite experienced actors who worked only for money, on the other, recording and processing a tremendous amount of replicas was at stake, and for all this, as we later realized that we need not only funds, but also time.

                                     Work on Risen 3 dragged on for two and a half years, but we still coped with the task assigned to us. And before that, in 2016, another important event happened - the release of the voice acting Dark Souls III. This is our first project, almost completely recorded at the studio and by professional actors, which allowed us to come close to the quality level of many official localization companies.

                                     Since we constantly increased the requirements, first of all for ourselves, it was time to think about creating our own team of translators, because the finished work of other teams did not reach the level of quality that we set. So, the first fully translated (and, of course, voiced) game by us was Bastion, which we released in early 2017 together with Gala Voices, invited to adapt songs.

                                     In the same year, we officially, in collaboration with the developers, announced two unrelated projects - Codex of Victory and Redeemer, which can also be considered an important achievement. It is worth noting the localization of Transistor - the project went through all stages, from fundraising to global processing of translation, recording of voice acting and the traditional adaptation of songs that has already become for us.

                                     Now GamesVoice is still a small but purposeful team, open to new challenges, acquaintances and offers. We strive to take into work projects that are interesting from the point of view of implementation and are simply in demand, we voice games to order, and are open to cooperation with other creative associations. If you like games just as we love them, join us or just support us.

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Regarding cooperation, you can write to us by @mail

or in personal messages of VK page.

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